Testing Services

DSC03379-testing-img01MCE has a fully implemented NQA-1 quality program for design, manufacture and testing. We can provide qualified test personnel with practical, hands-on-experience associated with a multitude of industrial and specialty-type equipment.

MCE also offers a full-service UL-508A panel shop with extensive technical experience in instrumentation and test data logging. We can easily provide qualified test engineers and technicians to support your testing project, or provide these personnel as needed in support of our customer’s test engineers.

Unique Customer Requirements
  • Existing Concrete Test Pads with Embeds & Access to Electrical, Air & Water Systems
  • Extensive Range of Calibrated, Traceable Measurement & Test (M&TE) Equipment
  • Lay-down yard has four dedicated test pads with electrical, water and compressed air services.
MCE Testing and Mock up Capabilities:
  • Resident Test Engineers
  • Proof-of-Concept/Proof-of-Principle Testing
  • First Article Testing
  • 40 ft. Test Tower Applications
CMM – Coordinate Measurement Machine:

Contracting CMM inspection services is a viable and economical solution when you require First Article Inspection Reports (F.A.I.R.) completed.

MCE provides CMM measurement services allowing a company to reduce their need for personnel and to pay for dimensional inspection service only when the service is needed. MCE can also provide an operator experienced in CMM programming, and portable CMM measuring equipment to the customers’ site.

Positive Material Identification (PMI):

Positive Material Identification (PMI) refers to the identification and analysis of various metal alloys based on their chemical composition in nondestructive testing (NDT).

Measurement results are shown in the form of elemental concentration in percentage or by specific alloy name such as SS316L or Inconel 625. PMI is a field-testing method made possible by the portability of most PMI analyzers.