Fabrication and Manufacturing

man in vessel

MCE’s experienced engineering and fabrication staff provides seamless service from the development of initial concept design, through the fabrication, testing and installation of equipment.

State-of-the art prototype testing facilities, experienced machining and fabrication staff, and an integrated approach to project planning and execution, enables MCE to provide quality levels and delivery targets. MCE maintains close project supervision and control, performing validation during the design/fabrication process and ensuring that the equipment delivered meets or exceeds all predefined performance specifications.

MCE’s fabrication capabilities include:
  • Build-to-Print Projects
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • U and R Stamps
  • Qualified AWS/ASME Welding Program
  • 10 welding booth stations and associated tooling, fixturing, measuring and testing equipment
  • Resident-Certified Quality Control Inspectors (Visual, PT, MT, Welding, Mechanical, Coatings, Electrical)
  • Large Secured Staging Areas for Systems Integration & Testing
  • A 6 acre secured lay-down yard, including four concrete test pads for product testing, material staging, and storage
  • Stainless Steel (Clean) Fabrication Environment
  • Structural Steel Fabrication Environment
  • A fully implemented NQA-1 program for all design, fabrication, and testing activities

MCE Working to Industry Codes and Standards
Actively Participate in Industry & Code Committee Meetings
ANSI, API & ASTM Codes, including ANSI Piping Codes (B31 Series)
ASD, ANSI/AISC N690 (Design, Fabrication & Erection of Steel
Safety-Related Structures for Nuclear Facilities)
ASME Code (Section III, Section VIII, Section XI)