Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)

MCE has been providing Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) services for the nuclear industry for over a decade. As a full-service company performing design, fabrication and testing of specialty equipment, MCE is uniquely qualified to perform CGD services through the entire process from technical evaluation and planning, to final reporting and acceptance. Our CGD team includes experienced engineers and quality personnel with specialty CGD training, working alongside trained inspectors, procurement specialists, and document control personnel.

MCE‘s quality program and procedures are based on ASME NQA-1 requirements and incorporate the guidance of EPRI NP-5652 and EPRI TR-017218-R1. MCE performs technical evaluations to determine critical characteristics and acceptance criteria on Design-Build projects where MCE is the design agent. For Build-to-Print projects, MCE utilizes the client’s technical evaluation input to perform the dedication process, providing interpretation and guidance to assist in implementation. MCE utilizes in-house testing/inspection capabilities along with independent testing performed by qualified laboratories and certified Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) providers.

MCE has provided commercial grade dedication services for a variety of clients and projects and is continually expanding and enhancing their CGD program. MCE program utilizes all four CGD methods, Inspections/Tests/Analysis, Commercial Grade Survey; Source Verification and Acceptable Supplier/Item Performance Record.