About Us

About-Us-page-websafeMid Columbia Engineering, Inc. (MCE) is now AVANTech, Inc.

AVANTech is a small business that was created in 1999 in Columbia, South Carolina, specializing in water/wastewater treatment equipment and services. Since its development, AVANTech has designed, manufactured, and initiated operations on over one hundred projects in the United States, as well as all over the world including: Japan, China, Bulgaria, Australia, UAE, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. In November 2014, AVANTech expanded operations by merging with Diversified Technologies Services in Knoxville, Tennessee. In July 2018, AVANTech further expanded by acquiring Mid Columbia Engineering, which will become fully integrated as a part of AVANTech.

MCE  is a provider of engineering, design, fabrication, testing and technical services to the nuclear and non-nuclear industry for related products and services. MCE was incorporated in the state of Washington in 1975. Initially, MCE provided engineering design and consulting services to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) contractors at the Hanford nuclear reservation near Richland, Washington.

Through the years, MCE has diversified and expanded into an extensive range of products, services, and associated areas of expertise.

MCE’s Core Capabilities include:

  • Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Testing, and Demonstration Facilities
  • UL 508A/698A Instrumentation and Control Facilities
  • Project Proof-of-Principle and Testing Platforms
  • Process and Mechanical Handling Systems
  • Technical Staffing Services
  • Serving our Customers since 1975

Our Philosophy

The ultimate and primary objective of MCE is to provide the highest quality service at the best possible price with on-time delivery to our customers. At MCE, we recognize that our value as a company depends on the value we offer our clients.

MCE is committed to results. We have a proven track record of responsiveness to client concerns, attention to detail and ability to work within schedule and budget constraints. By staying alert to changing customer requirements and industry demands, MCE has become a multifaceted company providing a single source solution successfully meeting our customers’ needs and goals.

Our Values – Policy

The primary objective of MCE is to provide the highest quality service while maintaining and continuously improving our Quality Management System. At MCE, we recognize that our value as a company depends on the best possible performance and processes that meet or exceed customer expectations. MCE is committed to the safety and success of our employees and customers. All employees work to MCE’s Code of Business Ethics and safe practices, which are based on the company’s Core Values :

  • Safety
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Product
  • On-Time Delivery
  • On Budget
  • Predictable Performance
  • Employee Accountability & Ownership